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Hopes. Dreams.

How do we map them onto the page?

With Imagination.



My editing experience includes the following document types:
Narrative Non-Fiction


Reports and proposals


Digital workplace-training modules;
Articles, websites, blogs, social media

Ph.D. dissertations

  • Historical anthropology

  • Environmental humanities

  • Education

  • Sociology

Academic articles

  • Business and gender studies

  • Science and technology studies

Post-doctoral proposals

Grant applications and reports

Final editing project, SFU Editing Certificate

From my Editing Certificate portfolio

Checking Text on a Document

During my editing courses at Simon Fraser University, I assembled a portfolio of edited documents.

Below, you'll find my editing portfolio.

If you would like to see a specific level of editing, I would be pleased to share a portfolio sample with you.

My editing samples

I can provide you with any of the following editing samples. 

Structural editing:  

A non-fiction, chapter-by-chapter structural proposal

A short professional article with paragraph reordering

Stylistic editing:  

A narrative non-fiction chapter

A short professional article

Copy editing:  

A narrative non-fiction chapter

A technical article


A hard copy with manual markup

A digital copy with Adobe PDF markup

Plain Language:  

A redesign of a public document

If you would like to see a sample, please contact me 


"I worked with Marg on the final edit of my PhD thesis.

She is an expert in academic writing and in CMoS, she is reliable, and works with attention to detail. While we agreed that the focus would be on line editing, she still took time to point out content-related issues in the text. Thanks to her, I was able to finish my dissertation on time (with a tight schedule). And thanks to her editing, the overall quality of the text has greatly improved.

If you are looking for an outstanding editor with excellent communications skills, do hire Marg."

– Marta N.

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