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Why Editing?

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As a graduate student, I was immersed in research and writing. I loved the process of brainstorming ideas, writing a draft, and shaping ideas into a logical arc.

I also enjoyed creating a clear, coherent text with a strong persuasive argument. I learned that every paragraph, every sentence, and every word matter.

Those, as it turns out, are the skills and passions of an editor. I care about the writing process from beginning to end, from big ideas to small details.

I've worked as a freelance editor while completing my Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University.

A few more things about me

Despite my love of research, writing, and editing, my path to editing has been anything but straightforward.

In my first career, I worked as a physiotherapist in acute and long-term health care.

I also had an itch for something more, and that something more turned into an interest in history, Canadian studies, and sociology. After receiving my Hons BA (Trent), I graduated with a research MA in sociology (Carleton).

Then life intervened. 


I returned to the health care system. Only this time, I was on the receiving end of care as a patient looking for help with repetitive strain injuries. I also spent several years as a caregiver and advocate for an elderly parent.

Both those experiences have been profound and humbling. Like many of life's mysteries, they've also brought me back full circle, back to my strengths of writing and editing.

Because of my background, I'm always interested in projects that involve social equity and justice, health, and the environment.

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 If you'd like to discuss your project, you can contact me 

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